Why Some Visa Applications Fail – By Head of US Consular Section – Abuja

If you’re looking for information on a tourist visa, a fiancée visa, or a partner visa to the US, Australia or any other country, and you’re wondering why so many Do-it-yourself visa applications fail, and what they exactly makes them to fail, then you are not alone asking those questions.
Many people ask the same thing, and, more importantly, how they can do their own applications and make sure they are successful the very first time.
In an interview with Diplomatic Post of the punch news paper, page 12 on 10th March 2013, the head of the consular section, US Embassy in Abuja, Carol Cox shed some light on some US Visa application fail in Nigeria.
Shedding more light on what it takes for a visa application success, it was noted that do not need to have your plans 100 per cent set before you can visit the American embassy to apply for a visa.
She explains that the American visa system is different from the UK visa application system in that you don’t need to have an invitation letter to apply for a US Visa, neither do you need to have a specific hotel reservation to apply for a visa.
However, at the point of your application, the US embassy need to understand what your plans are, they need to know what you are planning to do in the US and where you are planning to go in the US. They also need to see that you have the ability to fund your travel to the US.
One other big point the Head of the Consular section mentioned was that, the American country is a do-it-yourself country, everybody does things themselves in the US which is why the US Website for visa application was built on a do-it-yourself system.
This means you can actually book for a visa appointment with the US Embassy without the need for an agent and you can get a genuine 2 years US Visa as a visitor without an agent – this is why you should read a copy of my US Visa GuideBook – on how to get a US Visa without an Agent
One of the reasons the US embassy encourages applicants to do-it-themselves is to avoid the situation where they go into the interview section and don’t know what the agent has filled in their application form online.
Some people go into the interview room and do not know what the agent or travel consultant has filled in their application form, and during the interview, the answers they give to the consular officer is inconsistent with what they officer is seeing in their database.
The head of the consular section of the US Embassy Abuja, stressed that articulation and interview is a BIG issue when it comes to applying for a US Visa. It is absolutely important that you know all the information submitted in your application form and be fully responsible for them before you attend the interview.
You need to fully understand that you as the applicant are responsible for every bit of information in your application, whether you submitted it yourself or it was submitted by an agent on your behalf.
Planning ahead is a key factor in determining your success and according to the Head of consular section, it is probably the number one issue to deal with when planning for an application.
As a visa applicant, you are admonished to be well prepared and understand that it is up to you to qualify for a visa during your interview because, once a decision is taken at the American embassy not to give you a visa, there is no room for an appeal.
That is why I’ll advise you not to attempt to apply for a visa nor attend any interview at the embassy this year without reading my book – USVisa GuideBook – How to get a US Visa Without an Agent
Secondly, if you have never travelled before, you have a stable job or business but you would like to “dis-virgin” your passport, join us as we take you to 3 Countries, 7 Cities all in 7 Days!
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34 comments on “Why Some Visa Applications Fail – By Head of US Consular Section – Abuja
  1. I want information on British and American Visa to attend conference, but also have multiple Visa, say like 5 years to enable me travel at any other time I choose.

    • Udoka Ngozi benedette says:

      The manner those officers ask questions is rude and discouraging. I was at USA embassy Abuja on the 12 of May 2016 with my 2 kids for our interview. My friend sent invitation letter for her graduation ceremony in masters in human resources at Bellevue university Omaha Nebraska.
      When it got to my turn the lady at window 7 called and I went to her. These are her questions
      1. When did my hubby travel out of Nigeria I replied 2009 she said that the first time we came for the interview that was on the 26th on September 2012 that that my hubby has not left Nigeria. I told her that on our interview day my hubby even told the lady that he has travelled to Singapore.
      2. My hubby business I said he imports fish from thailand and she asked what’s my husband business name I said Gomez-vic global limited.
      3. Where is my husband I said in thailand
      4. How long have we been married for I said 4years plus
      5.if am going to Nebraska why am I to carlifornia I said that where my friend is and I will go with her to the school. I reached out to bring out the copy of invitation she said she does not want to see it I felt embarrassed.
      And she gave me a yellow paper knowing is my second time. I am being genuine I have all my documents and she treated me and my family that way and people were scared going to her. I told her is online program my friend did and of course you must be at your school for graduation. As I write to you am crying bitterly because she made me fail in taking my kids to USA.
      Greet her for me and tell her nothing is permanent in life.

  2. ANUDU PROMISE says:


  3. situ habeeb says:

    I am 19yrs from nigeria,I applied for undergraduate degree in US.I don’t do any toefl,sat or set exam because it not reqire for my admission.I apply for student visa in abuja and I have been given appoint date.i want to know the likely question they can ask me because I have all the document with me

    • Eze says:

      Good day administrators I applied for US students visa I didn’t write toef because it’s not required please can you help me with the possible questions they might ask me in the embassy and how I should reply cause my interview is coming up at the end of this month am eze my number is 0706 522 9409 thanks

  4. Ajayi Oluwaseun says:

    Please can I have your contact address so that we can talk much about visa issue please

  5. sly okon says:


  6. temidara says:

    i av an interview for 31st of dec,with my husband at the us embassy travelling for a wedding ceremony,and we can fund ourself,just need and advise on what come by on that day

  7. Mike says:

    I. Want to no Abuja and lagos which one is the best to use

  8. Constance says:

    My husband, my three children and I were denied visa, under section 214 (b),without the consular requesting for supporting documents and invitation letter. How long can we stay before re applying for another visa. Please

  9. Oscar Igwe says:

    I have applied for a USA visa in Lagos and i was refused, now i want to reapply in Abuja. What is the implication of that? Will they ask me why i did not go to reapply in Lagos?

  10. okoro chinedu says:

    i have friend at canada , she say she want me visit her , so send 5 months invitation letter to me but am confused now ,i don’t really know what the embassy may need or ask me ..

  11. Adeola says:

    Good day, pls I applied for us visa with me husband in June 2015 and was denied, we tried again March 2016 and was denied again. Now I thought of applying alone cos I Ve a very good job. What do u advice pls.

  12. Mrs akinola says:

    I filled my form with expected date of arrival for June cos it has to do with my leave starting 2nd week in June,I vnt gotten an appointment yet ,if I eventually get an appt that falls after my leave,could that disturb getting the visa cos of the expected date of arrival at the US?

  13. justice says:

    I ll be travelling to Norway to visit my sister
    on a 3 months visitation visa… What questions should i expect at the Norwegian embassy in Abuja

  14. kelechi says:

    please I went for interview on the 15 June 2016.and was denied my visa.i have gone and rebooked an appointment and got 11 August 2016 and my skul is to start on the 15th August 2016 over there and here wen issued a US visa it takes 3 days for it to be ready.please my question is what if I get the visa this time can I still meet up with the school? witawt any afflictions?

  15. ilesanmi oluwakayode Samuel says:

    please if they ask how many schools did I applied,how am going to answer them?

  16. Oluwafemi Aham says:

    I will like to know if anyone can help me on how to control my nervousness at the USA embassy cos my interview is soon

  17. anyanwu chidiebere says:

    i went for u.s embassy for intervew .my pupose for travel to visit my uncle that is what i wrot on my form but on my intervew insead of me using uncle i sed brother.but i am take another form can i still use my former detail and answer corretly or form another detail ?

  18. Mikael Onyekachi says:

    Please I want to apply for a US visa I would like to know the necessary documents I need, thanks.

  19. Shola says:

    Am 4month pregnant and this will be my first time travelling abtoad I want to apply for US visa with my husband and daughter will my pregnancy will their be any problem

  20. Blessing umeh says:

    Pls I need advise I traveled 2014 and had my baby in USA, at the interview June 2014 said for visit my sis in law was graduating as RN. Was visibly pregnant wasn’t asked 6month,travelled at poe was asked told them around August, was allowed in n advised to pay bills which I did with reciept. Went for renewal twice this year denied reason didn’t mention Childbirth at interview. Intend Goin again with family later this year pls advise. Thanks

  21. Blessing umeh says:

    Advise I intend reapplying with my other two children and husband for USA visa. Was denied renewal twice dis year due to previous childbirth which was visible at interview in June 2014 was six month gone and I wasnt asked. I was invited for sis in law graduation party as RN. But I told them at poe in August 2014 wen I travelled, was told to pay all bills which I did with reciept. Pls your advise will be appreciated. Thanks

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