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Dear Friend,

If you are reading this letter, chances are that you need a US Visa, and you need it badly.

I often hear my the saying - The secrets of men lie in the books they have written.
Just recently, at the US Consulate, those words were proven for me, yet again.

You see, I wrote a book in 2008 titled -

  "How To get a Genuine USA Visa without an agent"

I have been using the contents of that book for my consulting sessions with clients and those clients have been getting their visas - BUT this issue was

I had done successful personal visa applications to different parts of the world but not to the USA, so I decided to go for an interview.

Before going for the interview, I read the SAME book which was writen in 2008 and which I use in consulting sessions for my clients to prepare me for the interview.

And PRACTICED everything written in the book. In fact, the night before
the interview was spent reading the own book and preparing for the interview with the US Consulate. And - I went for the interview and Guess what? I GOT MY VISA!

Why am I telling you this?

Life will be much easier and profitable for a lot of people, if only they can take time to READ and FOLLOW instructions! So again I repeat, The secrets of men lie in the books they have written.

After the interview with the consulate, I can confidently tell you that American Visa is one of the
EASIEST visa's in the world to get BUT you MUST Know the rules, and how can you know the rules if you don't READ them?

Listen to me, what it takes to get an American Visa, or any visa in the world for that matter - Is Not fully disclosed on the embassy websites. So stop wasting time depending on Embassy websites alone.

The best way combination for getting a Visa is

"Info from Embassy PLUS Info from people who have succeeded PLUS Info from Experts/Consultants"

That is the important information you should bear in mind when applying for a USA Visa.

Notice I said INFOs which simply means Information.

You don't need agents. All you need is the right information. And that is why I am writing you today.

Do Not Wait Until you will need it:

If you are a travel agent who consults for others

If you plan to travel to the USA some day in life

If you have a USA Embassy interview to attend this year on in future

If you know some one who will be attending the interview very soon

DO NOT ATTEND YOUR NEXT Interview without reading my Book

"How To get a Genuine USA Visa without an agent"

From today to  the end of todayyou can get this detailed guidebook.

The book is already helping people make successful visa applications and people are currently getting it for up to N8,500 BUT if you take advantage of this seasons' discount for
the book before today ends  is over you can get the book for N6,500 only.

You will save a whopping N2,000 by making up your mind now to get the book

In this book You will discover:

15 Questions you will be asked by the US Consulate officer and How to answer each question

What You should know about The Interview Environment

How To Succeed At the Visa Interview Even if Its Your First Time

How To Interpret Visa Documents

A detailed step by step explanation of the application process from document gathering to Interview stage

Five Interview Success Tips and Manners

7 Deadly pitfalls to avoid during the interview

The Number one reason why the US Consulate Officer may NEVER look at your document during your interview

What to do if the US Consulate officer asks for your document

7 Questions you will be asked by the US Consulate officer and How to answer each question

A detailed step by step  explanation of the application process from document gathering to Interview stage

A sample itinerary plan for you if you are visiting as a tourist

A sample Itinerary plan for you if you are visiting on a business trip

How Do We Help You get your Visa at ServiceForts

The contents of this book is not "them say, them say" it is LIVE and DIRECT encounter - the secrets of men lie in their books.

YES! I am Interested in The eBook, I want Payment Details:

There are Two Ways to Make Payment:


For INSTANT Download Use your ATM Card for Payments Online right now:




Or  Direct Bank Deposit Through:-

Cash Deposit, ATM Transfer, Online Bank Transfer

Step One: The access to the entire Manual,  first reserve your by sending a SMS with your Name, Email, GSM, and “I want USA Visa GideBook” to 0803 297 8011  

Step Two: Pay N6,500 into the following account details Six thousand, five hundred naira). After today you won't be able to access this page again.

We accept both Direct Deposits and Online Transfer Payments as well as Bank to Bank Transfers into: 

Account Name: ServiceForts Publishing

GTBank Account Number:    001 135 9820


FirstBank Account Number:   201 500 7720

Step Three: Send an EMAIL with your name, email, teller number, name on the teller, amount paid and the bank to, date paid, GSM and delivery address to payments @ .

Title of your email MUST be

'I paid for USA Visa GuideBook”


Step Four: We’ll confirm the payment and send you the package download link to the email address you emailed to us.

That’s it.

This Offer Expires Once The Counter Hits Zero.



Don't risk attending the next interview without reading this ebook, you will discover secrets that would help you get your visa ...Remember this, there is no mountain anywhere, every mans' ignorance is his own mountain. Don't let ignorance rob you of your visa and make you a victim of Visa Rejection.



Efe Imiren

Travel Consultant

ServiceForts Ltd

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