The Fastest Ways To Travel Out of Nigeria

Travel is a good thing. It is a form of education. It expands your horizon. It gives you a new perspective. It can give you that all-things-are-possible, I-can-do-all-things feeling. Travel can also help you overcome hopelessness – temporarily at least.
But travel abroad requires one thing – a visa; and to get a visa, you need a genuine purpose for traveling.
To get out of the country, people have tried all sorts. I have heard stories. I have seen things. The stories I’ve heard does not have to be your portion. You can do things the right way.
There are countless purposes for obtaining a visa to travel out of the country but I’ll be sharing four with you. These purposes are 4 of the fastest ways to travel out of Nigeria.
Attend a Conference
Attending a conference is a good thing. You get educated (sometimes for free), you meet new people, expand your horizon, access new ideas, form new relationships. Plus you get to have something interesting to talk about when next you meet with colleagues and friends.
However, be intelligent. Register for conferences that align with your job, career, lifestyle, hobbies and aspirations.
Your purpose for travelling will look very suspicious to the visa officer if – for example – you have been a bricklayer all your life and suddenly you are registered to attend an ‘oil and gas” conference in Toronto. To make matters worse, you have no single documentary proof that you have engaged in one way or another with the oil and gas industry. You get the drift?
Register to attend a conference for which you can show documentary proof that you have been engaged in that activity for a minimum of 2 to 3 consecutive years. Na advise.
Some example of conferences you can register to attend for free include:
Education Show: For educators, school owners, teachers, lecturers and anyone participating in shaping the education sector
Importer & Exporter Tradefair: This is for traders, importers, exporters, business women and men
Book Fair: For Authors, Writers, Publishers and anyone participating in selling words as a trade.
Travel Experts Tradefair: This is for travel business owners, travel consultants, travel agency operators and employees.
Security Show: If you are into anything security – video surveillance, cctv, home security, church security and the likes. All things security.
US Book Expo: Again, for all the wordsmiths and word traders, this is a conference about books, authoring, publishing and selling.
Google: You can search google for countless lists of conferences that cater for your career, job, hobby, lifestyle and aspirations.
 Study Abroad
The second fastest way to travel out is to study abroad.
Study Abroad is attractive for many reasons including it increases your ability at self-reliance, allows you make new friends, learn a new culture, learn a new language, appreciate people despite the cultural differences and presents you with more opportunities for financial independence and (with some tenacity) – a shot at becoming wealthy.
Get admission into a course that reflects your aspirations. Be able to defend your decision in choosing the course during the visa interview or on your application form.
As a Study Abroad consulting firm, with over 15 years of combined experience, it won’t be an understatement to say we’ve seen and heard it all – in terms of the kind of questions we receive every day.
Our StudyAndWork Abroad Program is managed under our website; and  what we do is we match your existing  educational background with the relevant institutions of learning to deliver of either of  the following pathways to study abroad – Scholarship admission, Tuition  Free or Low Tuition admission with genuine study visa to partner institutions in almost ANY institution worldwide with some sort of focus on either USA, Canada, Sweden, Cyprus, Poland, Singapore, Germany and Schengen countries. Our consultants have over 15 years of experience combined in managing study abroad ambitions and we have a track record of successful visa applications.
Visit a Friend or Family Member
The 3rd fastest way to obtain a visa to travel abroad is to visit a friend or family member.
Travel will cost you money. So if you are not employed, don’t bother with a visitors’ visa, unless you are being sponsored and can prove beyond reasonable doubt that your sponsor will actually make the funds for the trip available to you. You can get consultation on visitors’ visa here
Work Abroad
Now is the time to import your money. It’s the fourth fastest way to travel out. Getting paid in a currency stronger that the naira is one way to beat the recession. Offer your skills and labour to employers abroad.
We offer interesting work abroad opportunities including – Dubai Work Program, Singapore Work Program, Qatar Work Program, Oman Work Visa Program, Bahrain, Moldova and a host of others.
You can contact us for more information or read more details here
If this article "ministers" to you, make the world a better place by leaving us your comments at the end of the article and sharing the information with someone.
Wishing you the best in your next application.
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