The 3 Fastest Ways To Relocate To Canada From Nigeria

Relocation programs promoted by many countries usually require you to be skilled, rich or be relatively famous/influential/recognized in your field. These are most times inaccessible qualifications for a lot of people.
Most of the people who want to relocate abroad are (in 98% of the cases) not rich, famous or skilled. Most don't even have the education or the work experience. So how does the common man relocate to Canada in the face of all these challenges?
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Now that’s out of the way, let’s talk about how the common man can relocate to Canada when they are neither rich, famous nor skilled and don't have the required education or work experience. No be small mata. In my opinion sha, I have listed the 3 popular ways from least preferred to most preferred; if relocation is your goal:
1. Visitors Visa
The first thing to note is – you cannot work nor stay permanently in Canada on a visitor’s visa. So don’t try to get a visitors’ visa with the intention of relocating or working in Canada. Your visa application could be refused or worse, you become inadmissible i.e. ban for life.
You can however communicate with potential employers during your holiday in or visit to Canada. So, plan an actual holiday or visit and then network/make connections while you are there. You can communicate with potential employers or even explore potential colleges or universities that would be willing to offer you admission into your preferred course.
In most cases, you may have to leave the country to apply for the appropriate visa to enable you return there to work or study. Would you like to subscribe to our visitor’s visa consultancy services? – Click here to send us an email or you can subscribe for our Canada December Holiday Package – Click here to download the brochure
2. Student Visa
It’s the second top way to relocate. Because, depending on your choice of institution and course, you could be entitled to a 1 year working permit in Canada after completing one academic year program or a 3 year work permit after you have completed a 2 year or more academic program in Canada. Following your 3 year work permit for example, you can proceed to apply for the express entry visa under the Canadian experience class.
Would you like to start processing admission towards a course you’d like to study in Canada? Start by subscribing for our “Apply4Me” Service and download the “Apply4Me” application form from our application forms page Click here to download
3. Express Entry System – Work Permit
The recently introduced Express entry system provides for applicants to relocate to Canada in a year or less based on the comprehensive ranking system (CRS score). With this system you can score up to a maximum of 1,200 points based on –
* Skill and Experience factors                     (500 points)
* Skill transferability factors                       (100 points)
* Arranged employment                             (600 points) or
* Provincial nomination PNP                     (600 points)
The higher your CRS, the higher your chances of being selected and invited to submit an application to relocate to Canada.
The Express Entry system covers applicants who want to relocate under the following routes – Federal skilled worker, Federal skilled trade and Canadian experience class.
Basically, you earn points based on the content of your CV – your experience and skills. And if you happen to get a job offer or you get nominated by a province then your relocation chances can be concluded as a done-deal.
The million dollar question is how do you get a job offer or provincial nomination from Nigeria and score a high CRS to increases your relocation chances?
Well, it’s as easy as preparing a “Canadian CV”, search the internet for Canadian employers hiring in your field, and score very high points in your IELTS exams. If you have a relative staying the province to which you apply for nomination, it increases your CRS as well.
ServiceForts offers a professional service aimed at guiding applicants in processing their relocation visas through the express entry application. If you are interested in using our professional service in processing your own express entry visa, you can start by subscribing and downloading the “CV Eligibility” form from our forms website – click here to download
About Visa Refusals and Rejection
To end this article, here’s a quick note if you have been refused a visa in the past. Let us review your application to guide you through a successful re-application. Click here to subscribe for the Email Evaluation Program
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12 comments on “The 3 Fastest Ways To Relocate To Canada From Nigeria
  1. FATUROTI says:

    I want to make payments today and I want to also book an appointment for Monday. what’s d procedure. AV checked ur website and a little confused. so if u can drop a contact for me to talk to.

  2. Ogunfemi Iyabode says:

    I would like to relocate to Canada with my family, we are a family of five.

  3. Akinola Samuel Olakunle says:

    Hello, I want to know all it will take to relocate with my family to Canada.Myself and my wife are both graduate and also employed.

  4. kevin says:

    am working as a quality/ hse engineer and my wifeis a banker. i have 3 kids with my last child a us citizen. have been praying to relocate to canada but dont really know how. i dont want to fall into wrong agents in nigeria. i wiii need your assistance.

  5. Bennie says:

    Good day,

    Just stumbled by chance on your website, i must say….what a big relief. I and my husband have been wanting to relocate to Canada permanently for the past 2 years but do not know how to go about it. I am gainfully employed as an Executive Assistant in a multinational, my husband is into ICT and an entrepreneur, we are both graduates and have 3 lovely children.

    We are interested in using your professional services in processing our express entry visa to Canada.

    Thank you.

  6. Faith Izevbigie says:

    Please i desire to relocate to Canada, but i do not know how to
    go about it.

    Am a Nigerian, based in Nigeria. I am a graduate of Secretarial Administration with a Masters Degree in Business Administration.
    I have a 17 years post qualification working experience in Secretarial and Administrative tasks.

    I will be glad to get your assistance.


  7. cynthia says:

    I am a banker I want to relocate with my husband and son to canada. How do I go about it?

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