Step by Step Guide to Canadian Immigration Process

Why Choose Canada?

Canada is the best country in the world to live. This is what the United Nations has said every year since 1994. From coast to coast, Canada has fresh air, clean water, and a healthy environment for healthy living.

The Future is Canada A modern, industrialized nation, Canada is an aggressive competitor in the global economy. Canada’s low unemployment rate means thousands of available  jobs for hardworking newcomers. Canada offers a better life, high standard of living, access to the best education and healthcare, guaranteed human rights, and the chance to enjoy freedom in a peaceful multicultural society.

The Job Market At 6.8%, Canada’s unemployment rate is the lowest it’s been since 1976 Economy As a leader in global development, Canada is one of the richest countries. Business and Industry Countless opportunities exist in Canada for experienced business people. Canada sees great potential in foreign entrepreneurs and investors, and has special visa categories that prioritize these individuals and allow them to enter the country quickly and easily to do business and invest.

The government assists with personal investments and financial planning, and provide incentives for small business owners who are vital to the Canada’s economy. Canada is open for business! Having said all that, the question is:

How Do You Migrate to Canada as a Nigerian,or What are the procedures for migrating to Canada.

Before I answer that question, let me answer a few other questions that I have received in the past from would be Canadian Migrants

Question: I want to relocate to Canada, How do I start or go about it?
Answer: The first step to the Canada relocation process with us is what we have termed the CV Eligibility Assessment.
The CV eligibility assessment is a process whereby we evaluate your CV against the 4 migration routes available to you to determine which route you qualify for and the best option you should choose. You don’t write any exam for this test.
This however does not exempt you from the IELTS english exam which you write much latter during your processing. If you are married, you'll need to send your CV and that of your spouse as well.
You can normally conduct your assessment free by going to the official website to do it, if you do google it, you'll find it. While you can conduct the assessment on the official website to determine your eligibility; our consultants as a policy conduct their own independent tests before proceeding to accept a client.
Therefore If you'd prefer to use our service for processing your relocation plans, then our consultants would have to conduct the eligibility assessment, you'd need to send your CV (and that of your spouse if married) and pay per CV. Click here to download the Eligibility Assessment forms.

Question #1 What happens if I do not meet the financial requirements set by Immigration Canada? Applicants that have Arranged Employment (as defined by R82) do not need to meet these financial requirements. “Arranged employment” means a job offer in Canada that has been approved by Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC) or that is exempt from HRDC approval.

Question #2 What happens if I do not meet the financial requirements and I do not have an Arranged Employment but I do have relatives or friends in Canada willing to help me financially? If your relatives or friends have some extra money they could spare, then they could open a trust account in your name at a Canadian bank in Canada. When the Visa Officer is ready to ask you to provide proof of money to settle in Canada, only then your relative should open up the account and obtain a letter from the Canadian Bank stating; that you have a trust account opened in your name; and to specify the total amount of Canadian dollars. Make a copy of the letter for your records and provide the Visa Officer with the original one.

Question #3 If I will be asked to attend an Interview, would my performance have an impact in the Visa officer’s decision? Yes. Your ability to meet the Canadian immigration criteria depends, of course, on your personal and professional background. By the same token, it also depends on the way you will answer the Canadian Immigration officer’s questions so that you manage to provide him/her, in less then ½ hour time, with the selected information that best underscores your merits, while avoiding unnecessary exhibiting your weak points.

In performing their assessment, the immigration officers have a duty to fairly treat each candidate, but they do not have a duty to protect your interests in particular. Given that the number of people who apply each year for immigration to Canada is considerably higher than the annual level established by the government of Canada, the immigration officers are rather expected to act selectively,  in order to choose those who they consider to be the best.

Now, lets go to the main Migration Process; this is how it works: You can migrate to Canada under various programs, but let me share a few with you:

1) The Self-Employed Persons Program To qualify as a self-employed person, you must have two years of relevant experience. You must be able to show that you intend to become self-employed in Canada. You must also obtain a minimum of 35 points in a selection grid system that has been designed to determine whether you will be able to become economically established  in Canada or not To apply for the Self-Employed Persons Program you can can apply to immigrate to Canada using the simplified application process. Under this process, you submit only a basic application form and the fees. Under this scheme you:

1. Obtain and print the application kit

2. Complete your application.

3. Obtain Certification, including * your medical examination * a police certificate * language testing

4. The processing fee for you and your dependants (if you have any)

5. Submit your application to the correct visa office I need to state here, that you would need to wait until your application is processed before you pay the Right of Permanent Residence fee for you and your dependant The goodnews is that This fee is refundable if you cancel your application, if your application is not approved, or if you do not use your visa.

Now that's music to your ears right? Let us look at another program under which you can migrate:

2) Skilled workers and professionals Migration Scheme Skilled workers are selected as permanent residents of Canada during the application process based on their education, work experience, knowledge of English and/or French, and other criteria which has in the past proven to be essential to migrant survival in Canada For your application to be eligible for processing, you must have a valid offer of arranged employment OR be a skilled worker who has had one year of continuous full-time or equivalent part-time paid work experience in at least one of the eligible occupations listed as acceptable by the Canadian Government.

You have to check with the applications office to find out if applications are being accepted for certain profession before you begin the process, especially if you are fall into

==> Professional Occupations in Business Services to Management

==> Pharmacists

==> Registered Nurses

The following Professionals that can make their applications today include

  • Biologists and Related Scientists
  • Licensed Practical Nurses
  • Contractors and Supervisors, Carpentry Trades
  • Industrial Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Welders & Related Machine Operators
  • Heavy-Duty Equipment Mechanics
  • Supervisors, Oil and Gas Drilling and Service
  • Crane Operators
  • Restaurant and Food Service Managers
  • Chefs
  • Cooks

Application is a simple as

1. Obtain and print the application kit

2. Complete your application.

3. Obtain Certification, including * your medical examination * a police certificate * language testing

3. The processing fee for you and your dependants (if you have any)

3. Submit your application to the correct visa office

Most Poeple ask me for the EXACT process from START to FINISH, well that is what I have documented in my Canadian Immigration Blue Print.

If for example you want to migrate as an Accountant, then you get the Canadian Immigration Blue Print for Accountants. Or if you want to Migrate as a Licensed Nurse, you can get the exact process for the Canadian Immigration Blue Print for Licensed Nurses. Alternatively, We could work together in a consulting session to help you with your migration process from Start to Finish, though this option is pricey because it is time consuming.

If you want to get the Canadian Immigration  Guide Book, Simply go here If you enjoyed the article and want to see other Visa articles, go here Or do you have a specific visa questions to ask me, please do so here

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