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Dear Scholarship Student,

It is a known fact, when you submit your CV for a job application in most companies in Nigeria today; you have a 99% chance of getting the job if you have a foreign degree.

But like you know, foreign degrees are expensive to get, it is for the rich and the tuition fees drill a hole in your pocket. Even when you finally get the whole village to contribute so that you can travel abroad to study, the visa officer is powerful enough to waste your money by refusing to issue you the visa.

Watching fellow Nigerians get your job because you do not have a foreign degree is a bitter experience this made me angry enough to search for a guaranteed way to fund the foreign education in the USA.

It does not matter if you’re a secondary school kid about to enter university…polytechnic or university graduate who wants to further his/her education… diploma student who wants a higher degree…a parent or grandparent looking for ways to fund your child or grandchild’s education…a study abroad consultant who helps Nigerians obtain admission and visa or a small business manager looking for how to reward your staff through education– you’ve come to the right place to find American Scholarships for Nigerians



I know you’re busy, maybe not blessed with patience. But I am serious when I say that no other website you have ever visited has as much potential to dramatically change your life for the better as this one. So I hope you’ll take the time to read it thoroughly. And I must urge you to do so immediately – it includes a very limited DISCOUNT you may not want to miss.

Unknown to many aspiring students, every year the US government gives out tons of cash to help international students to fund their studies. This money is received in the form of scholarship.

The truth is that, you can spend every spare minute you have 24/7, 365 days in a year on the internet searching for the information on how to eat from this FREE national cake supplied by the US government, and guess what – You will Never find it – WHY? There are millions of website out there that claim to give information about US scholarship and when you try to get the information, they will force you to complete a 15 page form and after that hard work they will send you to their advert page to pay money to receive –more adverts!

Very Frustrating.

Let me tell you something you may not have known about studying in US

The cost of study

in America significantly increased more

than the rate of inflation continuously for more than 20 years and during

the 1990′s the cost of attending studying in America rose three times as

fast as the middle income family. And you don’t need to be told that with

the recent melt down – the situation just keeps getting worse.

For the 2006-2007 school year, average tuition and fees at a public institution

was over $6,000… which is an increase of

7.1 percent over the previous year.

And average tuition and fees at a private college or

university is over $22,000… !

If your ancestors are farmers like mine, or your father a retired civil servant like my cousins’ dad where will you get that kind of money from?!

Your answer is – The Step by Step Guide to American Scholarships for Nigerians


The beautiful thing is anybody can use this guide to get access to money to fund his or her foreign education. And if you’re broker than broke, or richer than rich, chances are, there’s a scholarship for you in this guide book. It’s the most complete and amazing guidebook for finding free money to study abroad as a Nigerian… and it works!

And no matter what your background, education, ethnic origin or sports affiliation… chances are, there’s a scholarship out there for you. I’ve seen all kinds of customers find all kinds of scholarships…


I must be honest with you… the Step by Step Guide to American Scholarships for Nigerians is powerful…BUT… it’s not for everyone.

It’s not for the “know-it-all” who brags that he can find the same information for free or for cheaper somewhere else. It is not for the person who is not really serious about his education or future. It is not for the lazy person who feels life owes him something.

If you were to try to put this information together… all by yourself… Trust me…you’d spend years — and you’d still miss some sources and opportunities.

But if you want the scholarship money FAST… the contacts… the names… the addresses.. what to do to get the cash fast…and if you want to know the rules of the game… this guide is for you.

You cannot find this kind of information just anywhere. I’ve put it together for you in one handy source. In it you’ll find sources for cash in mere minutes. Not months and months. And not even years and years. You can find the cash for your foreign degree NOW.

We’ve gone to the trouble of listing only the best, easiest sources of money… so you don’t have to waste time chasing sources that create too many obstacles.

I’ve been helping parents and students find money to pay for their foreign degrees for over 10 years. It’s what I do.

Scholarships have always existed, but most Nigerians simply did not know they can be beneficiaries and that the scholarships were available to them. Knowing where and how to get to the source of this foreign government money to fund their foreign degree is why they hired me.

In the old days we use to print the guide. But now, thanks to the internet, we have made the whole thing into a downloadable eBook. It means you can download your own guide book within hours or even minutes of payment once we confirm your money is in the bank.

Just one scholarship that you get from this book will be worth many, many times its price

With the information in this guide book , you will have access to direct links that will pinpoint the exact places needed to receive the best possible funding opportunities for free money to fund your foreign education.

Good News If you are into Sports and Athletics!

A complete section of this guide book focuses on how to get free money to fund your foreign education as an athlete. What needs to be done and a guide that takes you through the process so you can get the most the money to fund your education.

Inside this guide book you will find:
the following…click here

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    Honestly when my friend told me to try you out, I had my doubts, because I had lost all my documents and I was wondering how you would help me apply for a visa since I didn’t have any original documents to present to the embassy.

    - Jessica O. N
    I applied for a permanent resident visa to join my husband in the UK twice but was denied on both occasions. I was frustrated and almost giving up when my husband called from the UK that he came across a website called ServiceForts and that I should visit the office for visa consultation.
    - Cynthia N. T. B
    I am grateful to ServiceForts Team for the consultation that I got regarding my Canada student visa application. This has been made possible only because of ServiceForts's expertise and knowledge in student visa documentation and understanding of study permit rules of Canada.
    - Philip A A.
    I applied for a permanent resident visa to join my husband in the UK twice but was denied on both occasions. I was frustrated and almost giving up when my husband called from the UK that he came across a website called ServiceForts and that I should visit the office for visa consultation.

    - Christie Kuju
     You are correct about my being in Canada now. I got my visa and I have been trying to catch up with all that I have missed and assignments too. I never would have been able to apply for the visa on my own, given my busy work schedule and family commitments. I got that Visa because of your attention to details and the patience you demonstrate during the consulting session.
    - Oluchi O. J.
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