How To Relocate To Canada in 5 Simple Steps

Every day, including Sundays like today, I get phone calls from prospective clients asking one
simple question – "I want to relocate to Canada to work, how can you assist me?"
Here's an example of some questions and answer sessions we get:
Question: I want to relocate to Canada, How do I start or go about it?
Answer: The first step to the Canada relocation process with us is what we have termed the CV Eligibility Assessment.
The CV eligibility assessment is a process whereby we evaluate your CV against the 4 migration routes available to you to determine which route you qualify for and the best option you should choose. You don’t write any exam for this test.
This however does not exempt you from the IELTS english exam which you write much latter during your processing. If you are married, you'll need to send your CV and that of your spouse as well.
You can normally conduct your assessment free by going to the official website to do it, if you do google it, you'll find it. While you can conduct the assessment on the official website to determine your eligibility; our consultants as a policy conduct their own independent tests before proceeding to accept a client.
Therefore If you'd prefer to use our service for processing your relocation plans, then our consultants would have to conduct the eligibility assessment, you'd need to send your CV (and that of your spouse if married) and pay per CV. Click here to download the Eligibility Assessment forms.

We spend extended minutes on phone discussing answers to the questions above, and most of the time, these
callers do not have in place the requirements or what it takes to apply for such visas or work permit.
Todays' article is about addressing this question: How You can Relocate To
Canada for Work Purposes in 7 Simple Steps.
Basically, there are only two categories under which you can apply to migrate to
Canada. These categories are Sponsored Applicant and Independent Applicant.
Independent Applicants are subcategorized into Skilled Workers, Skilled Traders,
Canadian Experienced Workers, Investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed,
Live-in caregivers, Refugees, Provincial nominees.
Skilled Workers are individuals who seek to migrate to Canada to seek employment based on
an occupation that is in demand in Canada. Getting a Job before your
application is not required but it helps, if you can.
Skilled Traders are those who want to become permanent residents in Canada based
on their qualification in a skilled trade. These trades include industrial, electrical and
construction trades, maintenance and equipment operation trades, supervisors and
technical jobs in natural resources, agriculture and related production, and
processing, manufacturing and utilities supervisors and central control operators.
According to the official website for Canadian immigration in September 2013, there are
43 jobs titles that qualify for the Skilled Trades migration program.
All these 43 jobs in demand are listed in my book titled
Canada Visa: Live, Work, Study and Migrate to Canada You can
get these books at our office (click here for office address) or the following book shops
(1) The Little is Much Book Shop, ABA, F Line, 141, ARIARIA, Aba.
(2) SuccessDigest BookStores,  46 Esuola Street, Okota, Lagos
(3) Biblewonderland, Close to Stadium, Surulere, Lagos.
Your application for a Canadian work permit or working visa is a simple as follows:
1. Obtain and print the application kit
2. Complete your application.
3. Obtain Certification, including
* your medical examination
* a police certificate
* language testing
4. The processing fee for you and your dependents (if you have any)
5. Submit your application to the correct visa office
If you would prefer to use our consulting service to apply, you are
welcome to do so, simply click here to contact our office, how ever, you
must first be sure that (1) you have an occupation and (2) your occupation is
one of the 43 Jobs in demand listed in the book titledCanada Visa: Live, Work, Study and Migrate to Canada  For specific guidelines on Canadian Student Visa, Click here. And for Study Abroad and Scholarship Opportunities, Click Here
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9 comments on “How To Relocate To Canada in 5 Simple Steps
  1. ANDREW DANIEL says:


  2. mishel jonas says:

    what about going to skul in canada

  3. Bayosoft says:

    Pls do have ebook version of ‘Canada Visa: Live, Work, Study and Migrate to Canada”. If YES, wh@ is the cost and how would I get a copy in my inbox.

  4. falode ayodeji says:

    Happy birthday ma,May almighty God add more years,blessings,riches to your life(Amen).I am a fine artist/painter.I draw apparels,handbag designs.I will like to relocate to canada as self employed,i will like to have the canada visa: work,live and migrate and how can you help ma?


    I want to apply to canada but in my account i have 1million naira.if i used my statement of account.idont no may be they will grand me my it possblem to grand me with dis money

  6. Dave says:

    Pls I want to make enquiry abt relocating to italy.can you assist? pls reply

  7. Sophia Kukoye says:

    Pls, I would like to find out if Music teaching is one of the 43 jobs available in Canada?

  8. Michael Abolarin says:

    Although I am advance in age, I have young family members whom I will like to travel there with to access situation, locate an abode and settle them with the hope to allow my spouse to open a fashion design business, get school for the children while I can stay a while and return to Nigeria and be paying visit or secure a job as an experienced retired oil and gas engineer.

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    I applied for a permanent resident visa to join my husband in the UK twice but was denied on both occasions. I was frustrated and almost giving up when my husband called from the UK that he came across a website called ServiceForts and that I should visit the office for visa consultation.

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