How To Get A Visa To Legally Give Birth in USA

It is no hidden secret that in the bid to get a visa, many pregnant women in Nigeria lie about their pregnancy even when the pregnancy is glaringly starring at everybody. Why do many lie? Several interviews suggest that these lies are told out rightly for fear of being denied a visa. Well, good news, you don’t need to live in the fear of a visa rejection if you are pregnant at the point of interview or at the point of entering the US. In a recent interview held with selected journalist in Abuja, published on The US Embassy Chief of Consular Section, Ms. Carol Cox, outlined some conditions which have to be met before a visa can be issued to pregnant women.

This visa which falls under medical tourism category is issued to pregnant women who meet the conditions for that visa to be issued. So what are the conditions you ask? First you need to understand that you must satisfy the same requirements as an applicant for a tourist visa which includes social and economic ties to Nigeria, then you must satisfy several additional requirements, and you need to be truthful during your interview.

According to the published interview, you’ll need to have at least $140,000 (about N22 million) to your pay medical fees, and also, you the applicant must to show proof of your need for medical attention in the US such as your pregnancy is a high risk pregnancy and that the treatment you seek isn’t available in Nigeria and it is for a condition for which medical facilities in the US hold out some hope of cure Of course you’ll need documentations including A diagnosis from a doctor about your medical condition, a letter from a doctor or hospital in the United States stating specific information including estimate of the costs of the treatment, including doctor's fees, costs of hospitalization and other medical expenses and, Estimate of length of treatment and you do know that you’ll need proof that you (or your sponsor) have sufficient funds to pay your travel and medical expenses in the United States, right?

So with that and many other detailed documents which I’m not able to list here for space, you can confidently walk into your interview, with lot of prayers of course, and hope for that your visa will be granted.

A Practical View – Word on The Streets

With all said above, word on the streets by those who have actually gone through the process by themselves and using consultancy services suggests that the cost of having a baby in the US varies depending on where exactly you plan to stay while in the US for delivery. It can be as low as $9,500 for a Vaginal delivery to as high as $25,000 for a C-Section delivery.

Largely driven by the choice of cities, this cost covers the Hospital fees, the OBGYN fees, Labs/Ultrasound from 36th week, Paediatrician fees for baby’s hospital review and 2-3 follow-up visits; as well as anaesthesia for the C-Section delivery.
Those who value time and the advantage of professional guidance use Child Birth visa application services which are rendered under the understanding that you acknowledge you are not being provided with any goods or services by the consultant in the capacity of a principal provider. 
These services also provide you with a guide that clearly states how to formalize your baby's citizenship as fast as possible.give you personal support for any questions and clarifications you might have about the whole process of giving birth abroad.
The service covers, hospitals, birthing Centers, medical personnel and other providers, like hotels, agencies etc, directly provide all goods and services to you, including consultations, treatments, accommodation and travel. 
The responsibilities of the "child birth visa application" services are contained within the facilitation of contact with, and providing information about the medical costs of your relevant procedure in the selected countries we cover, including the physician qualifications; and this disclosed information is provided in order to aid you in making well informed decisions.
Should you require our services for child birth visa application, complete the inquiry form below to request for information on the content of the service you'd prefer and when you wish to proceed so you can be provided with the appropriate information packet.
Hope you found the article useful.

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3 comments on “How To Get A Visa To Legally Give Birth in USA
  1. Abiola says:

    Wao! It is extreme. But then okay for those who can produce that amount of money in an account.  

  2. Onyinye Sylvia anayochukwu says:

    I want to give birth to my baby in American

  3. Oh my; I agree with Abiola. I guess if you want the benefits of being a North American citizen for your child, you must pay big for this blessing.

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