How To Get A Free Return Ticket To 2013 China Trade Fair Because It’s My Birthday

Happy new month and welcome to todays' post.
Until midnight on 5th April 2013, you can get from me a F.REE Return Ticket to the 2013 China Trade Fair, One hundred thousand naira (N100,000) discount on the 7Days Bahamas Tour and 7Days European Countries Tour and 32% discount on all my visa application guidebooks.
This is in partnership with ServiceForts Travels.
Here's where you can get the F.ree return ticket, N100, 000 discount and 32% discounts on the Tour packages and my visa application guidebooks:
I'm holding this special offer because it is my birthday this Easter season, (April 2nd to be precise) and this is my way of saying THANK YOU to all the people who read my travel news letters.
Here's where you can get your F.ree Return Ticket and N100,000 discounts
Visit the website and download a Free Bonus eBook which you can read to prepare you for your next visa application – be it student visa, business visa, migration or relocation visas.
If the F.ree return ticket and N100,000 discounts are not enough to have you heading to my discount-website, these FIVE Extra gifts should surely make you check out the website.
* Bonus 1: USA Visa Guidebook
Do not attend any interview at the embassy this year without reading this ebook- Now N2,100 until 5th April
* Bonus 2: UK Visa GuideBook
Just because Aunty Bisi, Uncle Dan and your friend Bolatito got at UK Visa when they applied does not mean you will get one when you apply, learn from the mistakes of others – Do not submit your UK Visa application this year without going through the application check list in this ebook. Now N2,100 until 5th April
* Bonus 3: Schengen Visa GuideBook
A schengen Visa on your passport gives you access to over 23 countries in the world. It is one of the best ways to “dis-virgin” your passport. And Naija agents charge any where from N550,000 to N850,000 to help you secure a schengen visa, when you can do it yourself for under N25,000!. This ebook shows you how. Now N2,100 until 5th April
* Bonus 4: China Visa GuideBook
China Visa is one of the most expensive visas processed by Nigerian agents. It cost anywhere near $1,000 to $2,000 to get a genuine Chinese visa through an agent. Why spend that much when you can do it yourself? This ebook is Now N2,100 until 5th April
* Bonus 5: Visit the website for all the other goodies!
WHEW! That's a lot of goodies … and you get it ALL when you visit the website to take advantage of this special birthday offer:
Go here right now and claim your F.REE Return ticket and discounts before they're all gone!
Talk soon,
Efe Imiren
P.S. This special birthday offer ends at midnight on 5th April 2013. If you'd like to get the F.ree return ticket to China Tradefair, N100,000 discount on the Bahamas and European tours … and save 32% on my visa guidebooks, then go here now:
PPS: I’m also giving readers of our business news letters a surprise birthday gift, check it out here:
Hey, don’t forget to wish me a happy birthday before jetting off to see the offers…laughs
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28 comments on “How To Get A Free Return Ticket To 2013 China Trade Fair Because It’s My Birthday
  1. Yakubu Tilde says:


    H A P P Y B I-D A Y!!!!!!

  2. Lawrence says:

    Happy Birthday Sir,
    May the Good Lord bless you and give you rest roundabout. I respect and value your commitment and style of value creation and distribution for other people’s benefit. Keep up the good work. God is on your side. Cheers

  3. Aliyu Umar Sani says:

    Happy Birth Day To YOU!
    Happy Birth Day To YOU!!
    Happy Birth Day TO YOU!!!


  4. Lois says:

    Happy Birthday Sir….. I pray you continue to grow in your destiny and have outstanding ideas to impact our great country. Your work is really appreciated. Have a flavour-filled day!!

  5. Joshua says:

    happy birthday great connecting with you.wish you great celebration.many years of blessings

  6. Gbenga says:

    Happy birthday, may u witness more years in gud health…..Cheers!

  7. OLADUNNIE says:

    haaaaaaaaaaaaaaappy birthday ma, Almighty God continue to grant you divine wisdom in all your endeavours…. Amen

  8. Count your life by smiles, not tears. Count your age by friends, not years. You’re not getting older, you’re getting better. Not just a year older, but a year have added value to lives and make people smile. Wishing you another wonderful year of happiness and joy. Happy Birthday!
    I celebrate you madam.

  9. loveth says:


  10. Alex says:

    wishing u long life & prosperity. HBD

  11. Gabriel says:

    wishing you more wonderful years ahead,good health and God’s blessings an u celebrate. HBD cheers

  12. alex says:

    Hapi hapi baiday,
    dats what I can say,
    I wish u many, many hapi returns.

  13. Unwana F.Thompson says:

    Dear Efe,First of all I wish you a Happy Birthday and many more birthdays ahead of you.I really like the work you are doing as an entrepreneur in the net space.I wish to follow your footsteps.All the best.

  14. Emma Nwanonenyi says:

    Happy birthday. I wish you many joy filled years

  15. Ezekiel says:

    Hapi b’day dear Efe! wishin u all d best life can offer. Hav fun!

  16. Charles Okonji says:

    Dear Efe,
    I must appreciate God for sustaining your life till this time and I know that He, who has started this beautiful thing in your life, will perfect it to His glory. Happy birthday and remain blessed.

  17. chizoba says:

    wishing u a wonderful birthday, u are a great woman, since i discovered your newsletter i have never stop reading every inch of it because it motivates and keeps me thinking of how to get my ideas working like yours. may the good lord bless u

  18. promise .o says:

    happy birthday and the very best of life to you.
    may your life dreams and aspirations come to reality .
    happy birthday and many happy returns please .
    cheers please

  19. chidi Nwankwo joseph says:

    Happy birthday, may your days be long and God favours locate you,AMEN.

  20. Idah Idenu says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!

  21. Johnson Hezekiah says:

    Happy Birth Dear and more grease to your elbow. I have been receiving mails from you but can’t figure out where we have met all the same made several efforts to travel to Uk and SA between 2009 and 2010 and spent fortune without success thereafter i abandoned that ambition and rested my aors. Right now want to start international trade but don’t really know where and how to begin. Hmmmm!

  22. Foluke Charles-Egunjobi says:

    Happy Birthday and many more prosperous years ahead.

  23. elias says:

    happy birth day

  24. slim pee says:

    Happy birthday Bro wishing ? LLNP

  25. michael says:

    happi birthday to u ma, may God give u more strenght to give us more info on traveling.

  26. Congrats Madam, You are an inspiration to many of us who are budding online entrepreneur wishing to be great like you. May God continue to bless you with sound health, Wisdom and Understanding as you celebrate this bufdae…. LLNP

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