How To Apply For A South Africa Visa From Nigeria

South African visa application is one visa many people still don’t know how to go about getting.
We get inquiries weekly about how to get a visa to SA and have decided to put up this short blog post.
One thing you need to consider when applying for SA visa or any visa for that matter is that the case for your application must be built around a purpose and that purpose will the determine the class of visa you apply for.
The most popular category of visa applied for to most countries is the visitors visa, and I am inclined to think SA is not left out in that categorization.
The purpose of your visit could be for tourism, business, to attend short training or conference.
The submission of a successful visa application begins with compiling the relevant documents.
When you mention documents during visa consultations many people become frightened and they go into “can you do it for me mode”.
The earlier you get comfortable with it the better, so long as you desire to travel out of this country, you will need to submit documentations to support your visa application – and going about asking or trying to pay people to forge documents for you is one of the many reasons visa rejections rates will continue to be high in this country.
To apply for a visitors visa to SA, the documentations you will need include but is not limited to the following items:
  • ·        A valid International Passport     
  • ·        Two passport size (45mmx45mm) photographs on white background showing your complete face; must be the SAME passport i.e. taken at the same time on the same day
  • ·        A fully completed visa Application Form to be completed in black ink only
  • ·        4 Copies of your passport data page
  • ·        If you have any previously issued visas both of SA and other countries, you need to make 4 copies of each visas as well
  • ·        You need an introduction letter, introducing yourself, what you do and why you are applying for the visa. The letter must include your physical address and phone number.
  • ·        You also need an introduction or recommendation letter from your employer (if you are self-employed, cover that detail in your self-introduction letter)
  • ·        You need a verifiable hotel reservation or booking. This means, your hotel receipt must be directly from the hotel. 3rd party website hotel bookings can land you a neat refusal.
  • ·        Include a copy of your international vaccination card (yellow fever card) in your application
  • ·        Provide proof of your financial status (i.e. six months recent bank statement) or financial support letter from your employer with six months bank statement in a case where your Oga (Employer) is sponsoring your trip.
  • ·        If you are an applicant travelling on official business, then your letter of invitation/confirmation of training/conference, etc. must be from a South African Company with full details of the Company’s Authorized representative; and you must attach this document to your application. Ensure that the physical address and contact phone numbers is clearly printed on the document.
  • ·        Oremi, note – the official business document must as-a-matter-of-compulsion contain a landline number; else you will land a rejection   
  • ·        If children or minors are going on this trip with you, include their Birth Certificate as their parent.
  • ·        If the child or minor traveling with you is not yours, include a consent letter from the parents with copies of parents’ identification card or passport data page, which should be attached to the visa application.
  • ·        If you don marry, include Marriage Certificate in your visa application, and also if you intend to stay more than 90days and you are married, include your marriage certificate in your application
  • ·        Your application must contain a Booking Verifiable Flight
With these documents in place and an accurately completed visa application form, you are more than 90% ready for a successful South Africa visitors’ visa application.
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