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In todays’ post we will look at providing answers to some of questions we receive frequently at the office. Hope you find the answers useful.
Question: I want to apply for a visa, how you can help
Answer: To start with, you must have a purpose for your visa application. And your purpose usually falls within – Study, Visit, Work or Relocation. Once you inform us of your purpose, we provide you with our consulting requirements.
Question: In my last visa application, I was refused. Can I reapply, and how can you help?
Answer: Yes you can reapply if your rejection letter doesn’t state you were banned from applying.
Question: What role does you guys play to help me get my visa?
Answer: at ServiceForts our consultants have over 15 years of managing Study, Work, Live and Relocate abroad ambitions. We look closely at the information you provide along with any documents (if applicable) and analyse them to help determine the best ways to approach your visa application. We then look at how the visa rules apply to your situation and the country you are applying to and guide you to a successful application.
Question: I want to relocate to Canada, How do I start or go about it?
Answer: The first step to the Canada relocation process with us is what we have termed the CV Eligibility Assessment.
The CV eligibility assessment is a process whereby we evaluate your CV against the 4 migration routes available to you to determine which route you qualify for and the best option you should choose. You don’t write any exam for this test.
This however does not exempt you from the IELTS english exam which you write much latter during your processing. If you are married, you'll need to send your CV and that of your spouse as well.
You can normally conduct your assessment free by going to the official website to do it, if you do google it, you'll find it. While you can conduct the assessment on the official website to determine your eligibility; our consultants as a policy conduct their own independent tests before proceeding to accept a client.
Therefore If you'd prefer to use our service for processing your relocation plans, then our consultants would have to conduct the eligibility assessment, you'd need to send your CV (and that of your spouse if married) and pay per CV. Click here to download the Eligibility Assessment forms.
Question: In my last visa application I provided all the necessary documents but was refused based on insufficient funds, I had like xyz-million in my account and have paid 1 year tuition fees, my program is 2years. I also gave my payslips, employment letter and also a letter from my sponsor, who has a consistent monthly income. What went wrong?
Answer: We have to see your documents and the visa form you completed to be able to determine what went wrong. You will have to scan and mail it to us. You can get our email address from the contact us page http://www.thevisasecrets.com/b/contact-us/ . Please give detailed straight-to-the-point-explanation to your request when you mail us. Non-Explanatory straight-to-the-point emails may not receive a reply
Question: Do I need a sponsor to apply for a visa and must he be related to me?
Answer: It depends on the type of visa and the purpose of the visa application. For example, if you are visiting and you are fully employed, you may not need a sponsor for your visa application, though this may also depend on the country you are visiting.
Question:  The sponsor I have has 6 dependents but earns over 1.5million monthly and other allowances, he is my mentor and boss in the office, is he suitable to be my sponsor?
Answer: Again, it depends.
Question: If a family friend in the USA is inviting me and sponsoring my trip to the US, do I still need to submit my statement of bank account and pay slip/appointment letter.
Ansewer: Yes
Question: I have 2.6million in my account. Is this good enough for my visa application?
Answer: I have seen people with N50million in their account and got refused – thrice. So it’s not just a function of how much you have in your account. The questions you should be worried about include, are the funds yours? Can you provide traceable accounts of how they became yours? Will you have access to these funds for the purpose of your trip/visa application?
Question: What documents do I need to provide for a successful visa application?
Answer:  Usually, this would depend on the type of visa and the country you are applying to. However, generally you should include the following in your visa application: Birth certificate (must be certified by the National Population/CensusOffice), Marriage certificate, Latest Income Tax, For business owners, include CAC Certificate and (audited) financial statements, photocopies of previous visas you have been issued (where applicable), letter of introduction which should contain your name as written on your passport, your passport number, purpose of the visa application/trip, itinery and how you plan to fund your trip.
Question: I was refused 4 times at the Embassy, each time the officer just asked one question and said sorry not today
Answer: There is usually a strong reason why an applicant gets refused, especially consistently. From our years of experience, we realized that after just 2 questions or 3minutes of chatting with the applicant, we are able to see immediately why the applicant was refused. We don’t believe in such sayings as “the officer refused me for no reason”, “they just refused me for no reason at all”. There is usually a reason after careful analysis of the applicant’s application forms and oral interview.
If happen to have been refused and would like to understand better why and how to over-come the refusal in your next application, then you’d need to come in for consultation. Until we know all of the details of your situation, we cannot give you any insight into solving any peculiar case you may have, which can only be determined during the course of a 15–30 minute consultation.
Please sign up for advisory service or consultation at this link: http://www.thevisasecrets.com/b/contact-us/ . Unfortunately, we are unable to advice or consult with those who do not sign up for a consultation. This is because signing up for consultation shows that the client has a strong commitment towards getting a solution to their individual cases and it helps in weeding out time wasters so that we can give you the detailed attention you deserve. Therefore sign up for consultation should you prefer a one-to-one meeting. If your peculiar case is described on this website in any of our services, we can help you — either via consultation or advisory service.
Question: I want to start my application now, what do I do?
Answer: Contact us with your specific request on our contact us page http://www.thevisasecrets.com/b/contact-us/
Question: I prefer to apply by myself, what do you recommend?
Answers: We have numerous do-it-yourself guide books including Do-it-yourself Live, Work, StudyAbroad DVDs, you can click here to order your copies
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    Honestly when my friend told me to try you out, I had my doubts, because I had lost all my documents and I was wondering how you would help me apply for a visa since I didn’t have any original documents to present to the embassy.

    - Jessica O. N
     You are correct about my being in Canada now. I got my visa and I have been trying to catch up with all that I have missed and assignments too. I never would have been able to apply for the visa on my own, given my busy work schedule and family commitments. I got that Visa because of your attention to details and the patience you demonstrate during the consulting session.
    - Oluchi O. J.
    I am grateful to ServiceForts Team for the consultation that I got regarding my Canada student visa application. This has been made possible only because of ServiceForts's expertise and knowledge in student visa documentation and understanding of study permit rules of Canada.
    - Philip A A.
    I applied for a permanent resident visa to join my husband in the UK twice but was denied on both occasions. I was frustrated and almost giving up when my husband called from the UK that he came across a website called ServiceForts and that I should visit the office for visa consultation.
    - Cynthia N. T. B
    I applied for a permanent resident visa to join my husband in the UK twice but was denied on both occasions. I was frustrated and almost giving up when my husband called from the UK that he came across a website called ServiceForts and that I should visit the office for visa consultation.

    - Christie Kuju
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