FAQ: Study and Work Abroad in Canada and USA – Answers For HND and Third Class Students

When it comes to Work, Relocate and Study in Canada, there's so much information out there – to the point of confusion.
The information I am about to share with you is the result of switching off the phone for  48 hours to concentrate on researching and getting facts, answers and solutions – that WORK.
Before we get to todays’ article, it’s important to remind you our reader that the information found on our website is a general description of likely immigration and non-immigration visa application procedures. The information found on our websites does not constitute any form of legal advice nor does it establish an attorney/client relationship in any form. It is your responsibility to consult with official institution and embassy websites for up-to-date and accurate information regarding your peculiar situation.
Please note that while it is legitimately possible to have a consultant prepare the necessary forms regarding your application, we do not claim to get any favors from any embassy nor do we claim any affiliation with any embassy. Whether you use our consultancy services or not, you are responsible for the use of information from our website, your own application and answers in preparing and submitting your application.
Last month June, we focused on providing information and consultancy services to first class and second class upper graduates who wanted to study and work abroad – 2.1 Students StudyAbroad Package
In May, we focused on providing services to those who preferred to relocate abroad without the burden of studies – Singapore Work Abroad Program.
This month, our focus is on HND and 3rd Class Students who want to Study and Work Abroad – specifically in Canada, USA, Germany and Scotland.
For now, if relocating is your main goal after studies, forget about UK. After Brexit, people are shifting focus from study in UK, especially people who have it in mind to relocate after studies. UK appears not to want you the immigrant for now, that's why they voted for Brexit. So take your money and look to other places where you'll be welcomed. E.g Canada, USA, Germany and Scotland.
If you plan to return to Nigeria after studies, then fine, go and pay tuition fees in UK. If you plan to relocate after studies, then it's advisable to be strategic about the country you choose to pursue your admission.
The first million naira question
Today is:
Will I get MSc Admission Abroad with HND or 3rd Class?
The answer is – Yes, No and it Depends.
I know. It's amazing how you can have so many answers to just one simple question.
First, what is HND itself.
A Higher National Diploma (HND) is a higher education qualification of the United Kingdom. It's the equivalent of the first two years at university for a 4 years BSc course, while it is considered equivalent to the second year of a three-year university degree course. This qualification can be used to gain entry into universities at an advanced level. see WikiPedia and whatuni.com
In UK, some institutions may grant you direct admission with HND, while some will ask you to do a Pre-Masters or Post Graduate Diploma to proceed to a Masters.
As For US, According to Dr. Farooq Kperogi a professor, author, and blogger based in the USA, he indicated on his blog that HND is treated almost exactly like a bachelor’s degree in the US.
An Associate degree is an undergraduate academic degree awarded by colleges and universities upon completion of a course of study lasting two years. It's less than a BSc, it’s in my opinion the equivalent of OND, from all readings. While your HND is treated almost exactly like a bachelor’s degree, your OND is equivalent to what they call Associate degree.
Because US universities are likely to place a lot more emphasis on your GMAT/GRE scores, you are most likely to get admission into a Masters if you have an HND PLUS High GMAT/GRE scores. In the US, as an HND holder your chances are better with a High GMAT/GRE score than that of a 2.1 Student with low GMAT/GRE. Depending on the institution, I might add.
For Canada, as of the time of this article, their institutions do not accept HND nor Third Class directly into Master’s program. But the good news is, you can use your HND or 3rd Class BSc to gain admission into a post-graduate diploma, post-degree certificate or an advanced certificate program and then progress unto a Masters after completion.
As an HND or 3rd Class Bsc Holder, you can also pursue a BSc in Canada. If you choose this option, some courses can be waived for you, so that you only spend about 2-3 years to gain your Bsc in Canada.
The Second Million Naira Question is:
Must I write a TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, GRE etc.?
Most of the institutions we refer you to will exempt you from TOEFL/IELTS. Some will also exempt you from GMAT/GRE. However, if you want to keep your chances of admission wide open so you have more choices and offers, then it's best for you to write the TOEFL/IELTS and GMAT/GRE Exams. These exams are usually valid for presentation to your chosen institution of learning for up to 2 years.
The 3rd and Final Question is about Age
Question like –  I am over 40 years old, can I apply for a Post Graduate Diploma in Canada? Or put in another way, I am over 40 years old, will I get a student visa to study a Post Graduate Diploma in Canada?
Again, it depends.
On the surface, there appears to be nothing on the embassy websites indicating age restrictions on study permits in Canada other than you need to be 18 to apply or else your parents/guardian need to apply for you.
However, applications from individuals approaching 30 to 40 and above could be subject to additional scrutiny to ensure that you will fulfill the requirement to leave the country when your study permit expires.
The point is, you will be required to submit convincing evidence that will strengthen your application if there is any gap after your last study. You'll have to submit exhaustive evidence of what you have done during the gap period up to the present.
Because, let's face it. At 30 approaching 40 or above, you have some sort of background, education, have done some sort of work, and have some history pertaining to education, work, means of income etc. So the question would be – Why now? Why are you returning to school now and why have you chosen the course you want to study?
If you continued your studies but have not graduated, were employed, or did some sort  of charity, or travelled or were involved in self education etc, your need to provide STRONG and CONVINCING evidence to support your application for a study permit. These include (transcripts, letter of appointment, letter from employer, pay slips, ID cards, photographs, receipts etc)
Below is a chart, you can use in making decisions about your length of study and entry requirements into programs offered by institutions in Canada, it's by no means exhaustive, but should give you an idea of what to expect when applying.
Decision Chart: Canada Program Lengths and Entry Requirement
*  Certificate                            1 year program    – OND/HND
*  Diploma                               2 year program    – HND
*  Advanced Diploma              3 year program    – HND
*  Degree                                  4 year program    – WAEC
*  Post-Graduate studies          1 year program    – 3rd, 2nd Class
*  Master                                  2 year program    – 2.1
*  Doctoral                               3 – 4 year program – Masters, 2.1
Study Work Permits
When you get your admission and study permit with your HND/3rd Class, as a student, you are entitled to work for 20 hours per week during academic session but you can work as much as you want during holidays.
Post-Study Work Permit
You will be entitled to a 1 year working permit in Canada after completing one academic year program or a 3 year work permit after you have completed a 2 year or more academic program in Canada.
Residence Permit
You can also apply for a residence permit after you have completed 12 months of full time work in professional or skilled job. You'll do well to consult the Canadian Official website for more information on this.
So Here's the deal
For a limited period we can do the following for you as a 3rd Class or HND Student
USA Admission, Study Permit and Courses
* Admissions + Study Permit Processing into Masters if You are willing to write the GMAT/GRE
Special Courses USA
* Master of Practical Theology
* Master of Health Administration (MHA) with 10 days additional study experience in Canada, Austria, Germany (HND or 3rd Class Student should have GMAT/GRE)
If you don't have GMAT/GRE, to meet up with our deadline of January/July 30th each year. You can apply for now, then write the test later.
Canada Admission, Study Permit and Courses
* Admissions Study Permit processing into post-graduate diploma, post-degree certificate or an advanced certificate program with/without GMAT/GRE
Applications will be processed towards January/September annual intake and closes 30th January/ July, respectively for each intake. This means, if you want to resume in September, your application should be submitted by latest 30th January of the same year of resumption and if you wish to resume in January, your application should be submitted by July the previous year.
To begin processing, download the Apply4ME form at http://www.travelforts.com/forms.html
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29 comments on “FAQ: Study and Work Abroad in Canada and USA – Answers For HND and Third Class Students
  1. Abdullahi says:

    my inquiry is i left university is 2005 , NYSC 2007 , started working in 2009- 2016 am 40, now intend to apply for a postgraduate certificate in Canada what is my chance of getting the study visa. looking at the age and gap

  2. Rajuli Adeola says:

    Just concluded HND Electrical with a distinction. Please I need a consultant to study in USA



  4. Oladimeji says:

    Good morning, please do you have any business office in Lagos , Nigeria for consultation.


  5. Opeyemi says:

    Am Opeyemi I graduated 2016 with third class in computer science,how can I do my MSC program

  6. John says:


    I am in my early thirty, with HND in mechanical engineering and M.Sc(without PGD) in mechanical engineering. What my chance of gaining a Phd offer/study visa in Canada.

  7. Oyekanmi Feyisayo says:

    I really appreciate your counsel, intact I meet answers to many question had been questioning myself….I knew it myself,am confused, I graduate with 3rd class,and you really made me to know my stand.Am keeping my head high to study and work in Canada….

  8. ANYESON ANGUH says:

    Please i will like to thank you for this great information even though im late. i am a cameroonian and i have an HND. but used two years to get it here. Please help explain to me how related is my mine to that of Nigeria.

  9. Anuoluwapo Esemogie says:

    Pls I also need to know how to go about it finished with a 3rd class degree

  10. saeed usman aliyu says:

    my inquiry is, i finished federal polytechnic bauchi in 2016 , but my NYSC is in view,am 28 by age,am hnd hoder now i have intend to apply for a postgraduate certificate in Canada what is my chance of getting the study visa.i hope my inquiry will be consider thank

  11. Badu Daniel says:

    Am daniel badu of 28years of age, from Ghana,i completed kumasi polytecnic Ghana in 2012 ,i was an hnd marketing student with a second class lower,with over five years marketing experience.i want to find out if i can be pursue with masters as per my qualification and my working experience.

  12. lucky says:

    I want to apply through you guys into university of manitoba for a Pre masters/Pgd. I finished with a third class honours in architecture 2016. please your feedback

  13. raphael says:

    pls i realy need ur help.am an HND mass communication graduate and i want to further abroad US precisely, pls how do i go about it.

  14. Christiphany says:

    Will be very grateful if I can get more information on university for foreign students.

  15. Muhammad shuja aslam says:

    I have passed HND level 5. Which course is better for me.

  16. tosin says:

    I just graduated as an ond holder, I want to my chances of schooling and working…please advice

  17. Tayo says:

    Thanks for the read, very comprehensive, what I will like to know is, how do I apply for a pre_masters program in Canada and what are the requirements plus expenses

  18. Daniel ayodeji says:

    Please I just finished my HND as a civil engineering student but I wanna study in USA. The main point is I don’t know schools in the USA that accept HND. I will need your help on the schools and how to go about studying and working as a student. Thanks alot

  19. irem samuel says:

    Please I need more details from the school on how to apply with my third class degree. Applications will be processed towards January/September 2017 and closes Thursday 28th July, 2016. Why from 2017 back to 2016?

  20. Hope says:

    pls can i use my OND result in nigeria to gain admission into university in canada and what level or year will i start from

  21. anjorin modupe says:

    i graduated with 3rd class as a nurse and i want to do my post graduate programme in canada, pls hw can you help me?tnx

  22. Emmanuel says:

    what’s my chance of gaining admission to study masters in Canada? I studied Biochemistry in my first degree and graduate with second class lower 3.11 precisely

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