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"How To Secure a Canadian Student Visa in 21 Days Without Paying ANY Agent.. Even If this is Your First Time Application"


Every Year I Personally Process over 65 Canadian Student Visas, So This Book is not some Fairy Tale Stories, It is real Solid  Proofs of What My Students Do to Get their Visa...You can Choose to be the Next Success Story...


This Offer Expires Once The Counter Hits Zero.





Dear Friend,

So you have been admitted into a Canadian University, you have paid a huge sum of money to secure your admission and you are scared your visa application will be rejected because you don't know what to do to get a guaranteed and genuine visa, worst of all your friend told you of one agent who is asking you for N450,000 visa processing fee but you ask yourself - How can you trust this guy and how are you so sure he will deliver a genuine visa and not a fake visa?

You have asked good questions.

Every year, well meaning Nigerians fall victims to Visa fraudsters all in the name of getting a genuine student visa to study in Canada


A Visa is a document that has been defined in various terms (relative to the country in focus within this Report i.e. the Canada) including the following:


It is either a multicoloured stamp or computerized document affixed to a page in your passport by a Canadian embassy, high commission or consulate. This affixed stamp allows international visitors to travel to Canada as long as the date on the visa has not expired.


A visa is also the stamp in a passport which serves as an application to enter a given country; in this case the Canadian Visa stamps can only be obtained overseas at Canadian embassies, high commissions or consulates.


A Canadian visa is the actual document affixed within your passport that allows you to gain entry Canada on the grounds of the particular reason for which the visa was issued.


The reason for which your visa has been issued determines your status within the country. This means that is if you were issued a Visa based on the fact that your application forms indicates that that you were going on a visit, then you would be entering Canada in the status of a Visitor and not a student.


Your visa is a seal or endorsement made on your passport by the proper Canadian officials and it entitles you as the bearer to apply for entry into Canada at the port of admission.


The visa is seen as a certificate that is put into your passport or travel document it implies permission to enter into Canada.


However; A visa does not guarantee entry into Canada. That remains the right of the immigration officials of Canada.


If you have a valid Canadian visa, immigration officers will not normally refuse you entry to Canada unless your circumstances have changed, or you gave false information or did not tell the Entry Clearance Officers important facts when you applied for your visa.


In This No-Nonsense Straight-to-the-point GuideBook you will discover:
  • How To Know if You are eligible for Canadian Student Visa
  • How To be Exempted From the Qualifications For a Canadian Student
  • 10 steps to apply for a Canadian Study Permit
  • 4 Courses that do not require a Study Permit Or Student Visa to Study in Canada
  • 5 Documents Required for a Canadian Student Visa
  • The Minimum Amount Required to Prove a Healthy Financial Status to obtain your Student Visa
  • How to recognize Supporting Documents required for your Visa Application
  • Discover If your spouse or dependent children Accompany you to Canada
  • 4 Visa Failure Proof Questions you must ask before submitting your application forms
  • 6 Things You Must Know Before You Submit Your Visa Application

Here Is What Successful Applicants Are Saying


Greetings Efe,
You are correct about my being in Canada now. I got my visa and I have been trying to catch up with all that I have missed and assignments too.

I never would have been able to apply for the visa on my own, given my busy work schedule and family commitments. I got that Visa because of your attention to details and the patience you demonstrate during the consulting session.

The embassy requested that I go for medical tests in August 6 and a month after the test, I received a call asking for proof of my additional funding and my visa was issued.
I know I should have written you immediately I got the visa. I am sorry I did not. I was anxious that I was missing classes already.
Thank you for your help in packaging my documents. Indeed I am grateful.
Kind regards,
Oluchi O. J.
DW  Canadian University
Masters of Laws (LLM)


For a Measly Fee of Just N6,500 I will Hand You a Personal Copy of This Canadian Visa Guide Book

Look at it this way, if you go to an agent, the agent will first ask you to take a form, which is N5,000 after completing the form, he will ask you for processing fee which will not be less than N50,000. After paying the N50,000 processing fee, then your journey begins.

After collecting your money the agent will be hard to reach. You will call he won't pick. You will send emails he won't reply. The day you visit his office he won't be on seat. Why? He is busy chasing other victims willing to part with their N50,000 cash too. And when you finally get hold of him on phone, he

Will give you one cock-and-bull story, he will keep posting you until you get frustrated and the deadline for your visa application is almost over. Two things can happen here, he will make a shoddy application which will result in a rejection for you or he will procure you a fake visa. Either way, you loose. Spare yourself the emotional heart ache and download a copy of this guide book now - Remember, Only 45 Copies can be downloaded Today Only!


How To Download Your Copy Now...Even if It is 2AM on Sunday Morning

Only 45 Copies Available For Download Today.

How To Order

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Step One: The access to the entire Manual,  first reserve your by sending a SMS with your Name, Email, GSM, and “I want Canadian Visa GideBook” + Payment Date to 0803 297 8011  

Step Two: Pay N6,500 into the following account details Six thousand, five  hundred naira). After the book returns to original price of N8,500.

We accept both Direct Deposits and Online Transfer Payments as well as Bank to Bank Transfers into: 

Account Name: ServiceForts Publishing

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Step Three: Send an EMAIL with your name, email, teller number, name on the teller, amount paid and the bank to, date paid, GSM and delivery address to payments @ .

Title of your email MUST be

'I paid for Canadian Student Visa GuideBook”


Step Four: We’ll confirm the payment and send you the package download link to the email address you emailed to us.

That’s it.


This Offer Expires Once The Counter Hits Zero.


Don't risk attending the visa application without reading this ebook, you will discover secrets that would help you get your visa ...Remember this, there is no mountain anywhere, every mans' ignorance is his own mountain. Don't let ignorance rob you of your visa and make you a victim of Visa Rejection.



Efe Imiren

Travel Consultant

ServiceForts Ltd

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