5 Signs That Your Visa Application Will be Denied

If you have ever gone through the rigors of planning, submitting and  been interviewed for a visa, only to end up with a denial, then you probably have spent the night of the denial wondering what went wrong.
And if you are about to make your visa application, then you should look out for these signs to further prepare you against a denial. It does not matter if you are applying for a Student Visa, Visitors Visa, Work Permit, Family Reunion, or Tourist Visa
You should look out for the following signs to further prepare you for success:
1) The Uneasy Feeling about an Answer: If you have answered a question on your application but you don't feel comfortable about the answer you have provided, then you need to step back and take a look at that question again.
The reason is because, you will communicate your uneasy feelings to your interviewer while answering that question; particularly if they seem interested in that particular answer.
Only that question can be your undoing at an interview. I have seen interviews that have gone on smoothly until the visa officer asks a question that the applicant was obviously not prepared for. The weak and feeble answer the applicant gave became their undoing and resulted in a denial.
Ensure you are able to speak or write your answers clearly, avoid big grammar too, keep it short, simple and straight to the point, you stand a higher chance of getting your visa that way.
2) When you find it difficult to explain the source of funds in your bank statement. Most embassies will assume all applicants are seeking permanent entry into their country until you prove them otherwise. And one way to prove them otherwise is to present evidence that you have strong economic reasons to return to your country following your stay.
The pattern and consistency of in-flow and out-flow of funds recorded in your account is one of the most credible evidences that theses embassies rely on to justify giving you a visa or denying you.
So, if there are sudden surge of funds in your account, that is not consistent with the average pattern over the previous 12 months, then you need to explain it. Failure to provide a believable explanation will discredit your perceived economic status and this will most likely earn you a refusal.
3) When you have to fight through a history of refusals to get a visa: if you have a history of refusals from embassy to embassy, the next embassy could probably perceive you as desperate to leave your country. If you have been refused ONCE at ANY embassy, (even if it was 8 years ago) my advice is, don't submit any visa application without consulting reputable professionals. You can contact us at ServiceForts or use any professional you feel comfortable with, but the point is, use a professional, they will help you figure out what you are missing before you permanently damage your travel profile and history.
4) When you are applying for a visa category that is not consistent with your life style:
The way some people go about visa application makes you wonder  at their level of wisdom. Here's an example, as a travel company, we have vacation packages that take singles, couples, families and businesses on Valentine, Easter, Summer and Christmas get-aways; to countries such as New York, Bahamas, Dubai, UK, Paris, Rome, South Africa, Banjul Gambia, Accra Ghana, Cape Verde, Seychelles on Cruise or Land Holidays. Now, we get so many calls daily making inquries about our packages, but one day, we got this particular call. It was a funny call.
The lady on the other end of the line says, "I have a junior brother, he just finished serving, and he wants to go on the Bahamas Cruise" ..and we were like "really??"
Come on, first, you sponsoring your brother on a cruise, have you gone on one yourself? Someone who just finished serving "in Nigeria" is more concerned about getting a job than going on a cruise "except they are trying to check out of the country", what travel history does your brother have to support his application for a visa on a Bahamas cruise?  
We had so many questions, and all pointed to establishing the consistency between the applicants' life style and the visa he or she was applying for.
If your lifestyle does not support the category of visa you are applying for, that is a loud signal and alarm, which you should listen to and address adequately instead of going all the way to suffer the embarrassment of a rejection.
5) When the agent or consultant you are using does not ask you basic questions before submitting your application: Given my long years consulting with visa applicants, I have met people with really strange stories to tell. It's not strange for people to walk into my office and tell me stories like – "I gave one agent my passport to do the visa for me, he submitted my application and they refused me"  then when I ask "can you recollect what was on your application form" they tell me, " I don't know, I just gave him my passport and went for interview "he did everything""
If an agency or a consultant promises to deliver to you a visa without asking you basic questions that only you have answers to, which are normally on the application form, you should feel very uncomfortable about that application, you are most likely about to face one of the most humiliating rejections of your "travel" life.
If your agent or consultant does not ask you questions, you ask them questions. Questions like, what are you completing on my application form, what category of visa are you applying for on my behalf, what other information do you need from me, etc.
So that they don't fill in rubbish on your form that will dent your reputation – that is if you care about your reputation anyways.
In summary, there are many signs that signal a refusal is in the pipeline, all you have to do is give a little more thought and attention to your visa application, ask intelligent questions about your application (whether you are asking yourself or your consultant) and in addition..it doesn't hurt to say a little prayer after you have done all your home work.
Here is wishing you success at your next visa application.
PS: I have received so many phonecalls, sms, and emails asking about the upcoming birthday offer I announced during my birthday. This is to let you know, I'm working on it, and will fulfill my promises shortly. Cheers. You can download more of our travel books by getting them here and also clicking here
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69 comments on “5 Signs That Your Visa Application Will be Denied
  1. Micah Ogberhie says:

    Dear Efe,

    Very informative. Kindly write about more signs indicating visa will be debied an applicant. We are eager to learn.
    Consultant par excellence!

  2. oriola says:

    This is so educative pls I want to know if u can process america 2 years visiting or Canada working permit. Pls get back to me. Thanks

  3. Olaoye Abiodun says:

    I am going to look at this and make something happen,

    • Christian says:

      This is my first time visiting you site and i was so pleased to to your advice and comment. i have a fiancee in the Uk and we are getting married soon though she intend to visit Nigeria by January what are my chances to getting a visa to join her there after marriage

  4. Chinomnso says:

    So interested,attracted and reliable even a very short way to your ambition,vision and destination.I wish my flag is flying on this service fort visision.May God increase their strenght in sponsoring others especialy those that have been slaves in the office of wrong middle men.Thanks Efe.

  5. okoye byron says:

    Efe I received all your message with gladness having it mind to meet in person someday.God bless you

  6. sunny says:

    i want to know the requirement of getting a canada working visa from nigeria and the cost, am a graduate and i have travel to london before

  7. vivian says:

    i applied for a B1/B2 Visa this year twice and got denied twice.

    i work in reputable organisation , has two kids and traveling with the youngest, had enough in my bank account, had letter of confirmation from my company. both denial were based on 214b immigration law. so please i don’t understand what went wrong.

  8. Samuel Leba says:

    Thanks for your information they are resoundingly true. With what I have seen so far, I should
    see you in your office for business. Thanks for all the information may God bless your store and
    basket .Your travels and arrivals Amen.

  9. patrick says:

    Pls your contact number to my yahoo for further inquiry

  10. uyi says:

    I was denied United State visa few days ago inspite my confidence during interview could it be the refusal stamp on my passport?

    • TravelForts says:

      If your answers were unsatisfactory and you didn’t proove on your application that you will return, that could have earned you a denial

  11. Hally q says:

    Pls can u get me an american visiting visa with a guarantee pls get back to me its urgent so i can knw the reqiurements

  12. Kman says:

    I am denied in us embassy.
    If later in future i want to apply for canada visa and they ask me have you ever been refused of visa of any country? Can i say NO?

  13. azeez says:

    after view hours of my tier 4 uk visa
    i received a mail from them says
    dear azeez
    your uk visa application has now been sent uk visas and immigration for processing
    those that means am denied?

  14. kanyinsola says:

    have applied for my student visa since 23rd of december 2014 and haven’t gotten any message and my school has resumed

  15. Wilfred S. Eghosa says:

    Thanks a lot dear sir for this useful informations, you make it very clear to everyone who are seeking visas. I think many should learn from this to avoid them denying of their next visa in an interview, more grace to your elbow sir.
    Wilfred. E.S

  16. Mayowa Obis says:

    sir, I have just been denied a Portuguese visa by the consulate and they just called to tell me it has been denied. Please can I know what went wrong??

  17. Nne says:

    I want to know if you consult for immigrant visa also. I am just seeing student and visitors visa here.

  18. Michael says:

    I applied for student f1 visa to Uk, my interview date is next two weeks so i need professionals to guide me please

  19. Francis says:

    Pls i was denaied an american visa recently,pls i want to know if a virgin passport have the chance geting a visa

  20. Ada Benjamin says:

    Please send me a number to contact you with through my email address.

  21. victor says:

    Sir….have been refused twice for UK family visit visa and now I want to apply for student visa for my master degree what’s the probability I will be granted

  22. suvo ghosh says:

    i am from kolkata
    last year 2014 december i have applied for france tourist visa along with my wife. my mistake was my visa application date was just before 7 days flight date. result was refuse my visa. they told me in interview next time when you apply then must apply before 15 days to your flight date. so after six months i have apply again for france visa. and they refuse again. and i think i want to see how much my luck is bad! so within 7 days i apply for uk tourist visa. just want to see what they do with my passport.. i am a business man. i am financially in good position. france visa rejection loss my 100000 rupees in two times.
    i want to see how long they do this with me. i apply again and again with this same passport. one day they will see all the pages of passport is fill with refuse stam.

  23. Dorian says:

    HI, I got admission into a canadian college and I want to apply for a TRV but have this worry.
    I was denied entry into Thailand in 2014 on two different occassions. I do not even know the reason why I was denied entry. Is there a chance my application could be rejected?

  24. friday asse says:

    Good day sir, pls i want to no my chances after have been denie a family us visa a month ago which i no why, but now i want to apply for a seminar and i dnt no my chances.

  25. Fiasco says:

    Hello, I was refused 2 times as a torism at France n Italy embassy but going back to submit my application as going to studies at Italy embassy this time but pls, hope it won’t affect me at embassy…. Reply me pls

  26. Meghn says:

    Applying for a Visa to the UK (Tourist visa).
    1. Do we need to have an itinerary ready for the interview?
    2. Do we need to show the flight tickets for visa?
    3. Is it better to apply for a visa through a travel agent or online?
    4. I plan to go in August, is it late to apply for the visa?

  27. Favour. Nzeh says:

    Can u pls give me your number, I will like to call u now. I want to travel with my little son to US my Anut invited me, to be sincere, my aim is to give birth there, after that I will come back. Now, I don’t know how to go about it. Could u pls tell me what to do?

  28. nelo says:

    can i apply for another six month visitors visa to the uk if i cant afford to apply for a two years visa

  29. docboy says:

    I apply for Italy visa and I was denied.

  30. Abajo Abiola says:

    Hi Ma’m, I intend travelling to Canada to visit my boyfriend. he went there to study and it’s been awhile. I work with an oil and gas company in ikoyi Lagos as a Hr/Admin officer. My passport is still virgin.i will be staying for 2weeks (10 working days leave).

    i am scared of being rejected thats why i never try travelling out of Nigeria but men needs close marking. Please i need your advice and professional help on what to do

  31. Ayodeji says:

    Have submitted an application at Canada embassy it’s 2 months now and have not been contacted is it possible I will be called for an interviewer.

  32. Oluwatosin Adesina says:


    What is the likely outcome if your visa application to a country like Canada is responded to within month, instead of the stated 45 days? I got a notification today that my passport is ready today and I only applied about a month ago.

  33. Moses says:

    You did very well as regard to explaining this signs…… Because I’ve been a victim of the so called agents packaging client with fake informations and documents …… I applied through an agent who had a fake Ghana stamp on my passport to show that I have a travel experience and when I went for the interview, it was detected and i was automatically refused a visa….. And it likely that I might not be allowed entry into the USA again…… People should be wise and be careful in selecting which agent to work for them..

  34. Buon says:

    Hello, I recently had my interview for a UK tier 4 study visa. I answered all the questions confidently. I just realized that when I was asked my accommodation fees for a year, I answered with the monthly fees and the interviewer asked me again if it was for a month and I repeated the same thing. I answered all other questions correctly including course fees for the duration. Does that answer jeorpadize my chances? One more thing, how long does it take to process that visa at the Ikeja,lagos branch?

  35. Zeshan says:

    Hi.I’m quite surprised when Portugal embassy return my passport without reason . I had 2 schengen visa. And good travel history but still they didn’t give visa.and 1 things shocked me that they didn’t even give regusal reason or any other letter . Does anyone 1 can help me

  36. Grace says:

    Applying for UK visa can I use fixed deposit with later from bank it can be withdrawn at any time.

  37. Grace says:

    Can I use a fixed deposit with letter from the bank that the money can be withdrawn at any time to apply for uk visiting visa?

  38. sean says:

    Good Morning, Can I use my uncle as my sponsor for my tier 4 Visa. I intend to use him as my legal guardian. I have an affidavit from the court stating all.

  39. toyin says:

    Pls help me out,am using a company bank statement for canadian study visa,what is my chances?

  40. bola says:

    Please I need your advice. I was told that my Canadia student visa will be refused bcos of the length of time in my graduation year and now. I graduated 2007 and I am applying for my masters now.

    Please help me out if this is true.

    Thank you

  41. lola says:

    I was denied visa at US embassy on Nov 3rd but my online status says issued since Oct 14 2016. what does this mean?

  42. Grace says:

    Please can I use fixed deposit to show as evidence of bank statement

  43. SEGUN says:

    Please I lived in the UK for 2years on a tier 2 general visa but returned to Nigeria without extending my visa. Now I want to attend my brother s graduation in London in January 2017. Can I apply for 2years visit visa or I must apply for 6months visit visa? Thanks

  44. mariah says:

    Gud afternoon ,,,I was just on line n I stumbled on ur website,,pls av applied for Uk visiting visa twice in 2012 n was refused ,,d last refusal letter state reason below as quoted in section 84 (1)c ,,,,since d second refusal 2012 av not applied again till date,,,pls I want to know if I stand d chance if I shud apply now

  45. raphael says:

    i was denied visa at the usa embassy in nigeria today. the surprising part was that the interviewer ask me to show him my documents. not even one. and i was answered within two minutes. imagine, literlly everyone was answered within 3 minutes each. the only errow i can remember is that i was not able to tell them about the city the school is located.i was not expecting that

  46. Njoku Alex Onyebuchi says:

    I apply for a visa by an agent on the day of interview the Wight man told me that my Visa application is rejected. and I don’t know the meaning of that can you help me to explain more on it?

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    I applied for a permanent resident visa to join my husband in the UK twice but was denied on both occasions. I was frustrated and almost giving up when my husband called from the UK that he came across a website called ServiceForts and that I should visit the office for visa consultation.
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